Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

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CPR is a resuscitation technique that is used to maintain circulation until help arrives by providing artificial respiration's and chest compressions to a casualty.

  1. "Shake & Shout". You do this by shaking there shoulders and saying "Hello, can you hear me?". If they do not answer, it means that they are unconscious.
  2. You must then Send for Help and check is there a defibrillator available. If there is a bystander get them to call an ambulance, if there aren't any you must call an Ambulance as any unconscious casualty will need to go to hospital.
  3. You then check if they have an airway, are breathing and have signs of circulation. You do this by checking the A. B. C. of the casualty. They Stand for Airway, Breathing & Circulation.

Check PulseAfter the 30 compressions you then give two rescue breaths. You do this by forming a tight seal with your mouth around their mouth. You pinch the soft part of the nose to close it and breath into the casualty. When you do this make sure the chest rises, and that you don't breath to hard as this can force air into their stomach which can cause them to vomit. Make sure you remove your lips between rescue breaths so the casualty can allow the air to escape. You continue doing cycles of 30 chest compressions and two breaths until help arrives. If they start breathing normally again you place them in the recovery position and treat any life threatening injuries.

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